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About Us

There are no fun clubs in SE London for able children in wheelchairs and their siblings, that include an array of games like ours, from basketball, table tennis to painting arts and crafts. I care so passionately about bringing these beautiful yet sometimes isolated and lonely children together. To not only have fun but to socialize and Build lifelong friendships. As a Mum of a 9yr old girl who has Spina Bifida I've seen her confidence go down over the year's and her depression go up as a direct result of having no other friends in wheelchairs, who could empathise with her and be friends with whom she felt some identity with . i know im asking for a lot of money but iv looked into the costs of renting and all that goes with it and in the Greenwich Borough it is far from cheap along with insurances , obvious bills and some training for our volunteers so we can reach the point our Mums/ Dads/ Carers can leave their young ones and go have so much needed respite .